Tonga soa, welcome!

We are the first sustainable natural haute perfumery house inspired by Madagascar, the native country of our perfumer and founder Chaïna Fidahoussen. Based in Toronto, Canada, we are also Toronto's first artisan haute perfumery created fragrances 100% in-house, without using a compounding lab.

Moramora means "slowly slowly" and refers to the slow living ethos, typical of Madagascar. It was the perfect name for a slow perfumery using ancient French crafmanship before the industrial era and paying tribute to the Madagascar, also called "La Grande Île" or "The Great Island". All our creations tell the olfactive odyssey of a time and place known for its unpolluted nature, unique plant extracts, fine spices, and worldview. 

Each richly-built and complex composition magnifies a hero native Malagasy ingredient or a signature accord, blended with finest raw materials from Grasse, France, world capital of perfumery and from around the world. Each meaningful perfume is a tale of sustainability, highlighting responsible, cruelty-free ingredients and eco-social challenges faced by the Last Eden on Earth, microcosm of today's world and its future.





My childhood, in Tuléar, the semi-arid capital city of South West Madagascar, is filled with olfactory and gustatory memories. I still recall scents carried by the tsioky atimo, a sandy prevailing wind of eight hours from May to September: Ozonic smell of the Mozambique Channel, sweet petrichor soil, whiffs of eucalyptus and katrafay trees, jammy pink oleander and plumeria growing on the harbour-front, jasmine and roses in my grandparents' gardens. And our delicious smelling home with vanilla, saffron, cardamom, French pastries, Indian food and my mom's chypré perfumes. So, scents and aromas were definitely part of my journey. The long road to entrepreneurship was my next learning curve. Challenging yet exciting.

⏤ Chaïna