Famed for our legendary hospitality, we greet you and invite you to discover our world.

You are about to live an unforgettable journey to the "Land of Ancestors", the name, us Malagasy, give to our island. 
Their spirit lives by us. Like our island, we stand apart. Like our ancestors, we are natural storytellers.

Know that you are entering in a universe where nothing is senseless.
Shapes, colours, notes, sensations, are not just forms and glyphs but totems to decode a world apart, a world mystery to even the natives.

We are your key to decode the secrets of a world apart, 
reinventing an art of natural perfumery encapsulating:

Exceptional plants and spices, to experience and appreciate.
A unique fauna and flora, to discover and preserve.
A Moramora slow life, to embrace and celebrate.

A singular Austronesian African culture, cosmogony and worldview, to uncover and grasp.
The time and place of eco-social challenges, to reflect upon and learn from.

And this is it starts, Vahiny, Guests, like in any Malagasy folktale:

"Angano, angano, arira, arira : izaho mpitantara, ianareo mpitsentsitra"
It’s a tale, it’s nonsense: I am the one telling the tale, you are the one enjoying it.