As a perfumer and an artisan perfumery packaging is at the core of our industry and a topic we just can't ignore and packaging has been our absolute challenge as a sustainable luxury perfume brand.


We purchase our perfume bottles and closures in France and our boxes in Canada. Our packaging is sustainably-made, recyclable, reusable and carbon neutral.

  • Bottles: Made in Normandy's Glass Vallée by Pochet du Courval. This 400-old family-owned heritage manufacturer with centuries of experience, excellence, innovation and eco-social responsibility and inclusive culture, is renowned for producing the world's most iconic perfume bottles. Pochet's glass has a unique transparency and crystalline shine, a benchmark for luxury fragrance and the closures are of the finest quality.
  • Boxes: Our rigid boxes are made with recycled and sustainable material by our Give Green environmentally responsible Canadian packaging manufacturer. The boxes are carbon-neutral through Zerofootprint Offsets, recyclable (magnetic closure to recycle separately), biodegradable and reusable as keepsake boxes or for gift giving. Our folding boxes made with post-consumer cardboard are recyclable.


Excessive wrapping and packaging often help a luxury brand to stand out. To us, less is more, so we try to be as minimal as possible. For our print and shipping material, our acid-free premium paper sourced from the U.S. and Canada, is FSC-certified and recyclable.

  • Print: 
    • Marketing material and brochures: Made in Canada with 100% recycled uncoated paper and printed with eco-soy/vegetable inks and zero VOC solvents.
    • Packaging labels: 2 types:
      • Pewter labels: Made in France, responsibly-sourced, using ancient craftsmanship.
      • Premium paper stickers: FSC, Green Seal-certified, acid/chlorine-free (PCF), high post-consumer and recyclable premium self-adhesive paper made by Neenah Paper, a 125 year-old heritage American fine paper manufacturer.
    • Foil printed material: Our foil is so thin that it will dissipate during the re-pulping process.
  • Shipping material:
    • Shipping boxes: Made with 80% post-consumer fibres; Recyclable.
    • Cushioning/Packing: Recycled bubble wrap, biodegradable/water-soluble cornstarch peanuts and water-activated kraft tape.


The perfume industry is a high producer of non-refillable bottles as the only option to protect perfumes from counterfeits is to use bottles from crimped atomizers. We chose screw caps and push pumps for our closures to promote a  circular perfumery  with the lowest waste possible. 

  • Refilling service: Our bottles and closures are made in France by Pochet du Courval, a 400 year-old family-owned heritage manufacturer with centuries of experience, innovation and eco-social approach. We can either refill the bottles for you or you can easily refill them at home:
    • Extrait bottles: Mini-bottle with screw neck refillable at home.
    • Spray bottles: Bottles with push-pump to avoid leakage during the shipping. Refill them at home by removing the pump with a plier or send it back to us for refilling at 15% off.
    • Return-to-recycle and upcycling: These two options are the other ways to reduce waste:
      • Bottles: You can upcycle the screw cap bottle for other purposes. Otherwise, all components (glass, metal and PET dip tubes) of our bottles are recyclable separately. 
      • Boxes: 
        • Rigid boxes: From a Give Green environmentally responsible packaging manufacturer; Recyclable (magnetic closure to recycle separately) and biodegradable; Reusable as keepsake boxes or for gift giving and carbon-neutral through Zerofootprint Offsets.
        • Cardstock inserts and folding boxes: Made with acid-free and recyclable cardboard. 

    Last but not least, our perfumes are concentrated and long-lasting, even the lighter ones, and go a long way. So longer-lasting bottles mean much less packaging and carbon footprint per year. We encourage you use them mindfully and appreciate preciously.