Did you know that the Lemur Island is far from a Hollywood cartoon? It's, in fact, one of the most eco-socially impacted countries on Earth with 90% of primary forests destroyed, highly threatened biodiversity, extreme poverty and exponential climate challenges.

The situation in Madagascar is already critical. It will take decades and generations to minimize the damages and rebuild the ecosystems. We feel it's our duty as Malagasy and as a perfumer, to bottle more than pretty scents. "Perfume with purpose" is our concept and the core of our business. 

So, we chose reforestation as it resonates with our natural perfumery concept and support ECOLOGI, a UK conservation organization that has partnered with EDEN REFORESTATION, an American reforestation NGO operating mainly in Madagascar during high season and other parts of the world during rainy season.

a holistic 360 concept

Sustainability as our core pillar 

SOURCING: Eco-reponsible ingredients; Renewable sources; Small suppliers; Recyclable packaging.

SHIPPING: Carbon-neutral inbound/outbound shipping (offsetting, reforestation).

FRAGRANCES: Olfactive tales of sustainability inspired by Madagascar and highlighting local eco-social challenges.

GIVING BACK: Planting trees and supporting livelihood in Madagascar with each purchase, including samples.



PURPOSE: Allow everyone (individuals, families, businesses, customers) become Climate Positive by reducing carbon, planting trees and creating jobs.

ACHIEVEMENT: 37,017 members making a huge difference with 49.1 million trees funded and 2.2 million tons of CO2 reduced.

PARTNERISHIP: Each purchase contributes directly to climate offset and sustainability projects with the Ecologi's app installed on our website.

backing sustainabilty actions in madagascar with


PURPOSE: Eden is the largest reforestation NGO in the world, restoring forests on a massive scale, protecting ecosystems, and helping mitigate climate change, with their "Employ to Plant" concept with the locals.

ACHIEVEMENT: 977 million trees produced, planted, and protected, 280 project sites in 10 countries, 14,800 employees empowered with fair wages, mainly in Madagascar in high season and other countries in low season.

PARTNERSHIP: We partner with Eden and back their programs, through our direct contributions to Ecologi.

No contribution is too small


PURCHASE: Each order from our store, backs Ecologi/Eden's sustainability projects. You don't have to do anything as each donation is directly linked to Ecologi's app.

CONTRIBUTION: You contribute to plant, not 1, not 10, but 100 trees per order. That's $10 we give back from each purchase.

REPORT: We will share in our blog the annual report fof our contribution from Ecologi and other trsuts badges throughout the year.

eden reforestation in madagascar

a village transformed