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Olfactive family: Fougère
Hero ingredient:¬†Herbe des rois¬ģ
Nuances: Icy aromatic, Fruity-Floral, Earthy

Style: Enigmatic, cozy
Personality match: Peacemaker, spiritual
Mood effect: Downer

Concentration: 30%
Composition: 100% vegan
Bottle type: Refillable French flacon, screw cap, no atomizer


Introducing Herbe des rois¬ģ to the world of fragrance to create a¬†distortion of the classic foug√®re. This¬†endemic rare and calming¬†plant (Pterocaulon decurrens (L.) S. Moore) from¬†the Asteraceae family used to translate the bewitching¬†Lake Alaotra, territory of the¬†Sihanaka¬†(‚ÄúPeople of the Swamps‚ÄĚ)¬†known for¬†rice production and witchcraft.


Our lakeside promenade starts with aquatic minty and fruity-green whiffs of eucalyptus, ravensara,¬†combava, lemongrass, lavender, gurjun, and buchu,¬†topped by pineapple-y woody green Herbe des rois¬ģ.

The sharp green gourmand burst softens up then into a heart of neroli in two phases: A green floral lactonic accord of geranium Bourbon, neroli and rice; An accord of sweet heady blue lotus, juicy green melon, vanilla and soft orris with violet-powdery-chocolatey tones. 

The deliciously green powdery aura becomes darker with a green earthy damp woody blend of calamus reed, hay absolute, carrot seed, driftwood and aged patchouli, remind of deforested areas overexploited for rice growing.

A distortion of the classic fougère, green and yummy sweet powdery yet dark and ominous, highlighting the over-consumption of rice as a major factor behind the destruction of the island’s forest cover. 


Flash: Minty green
Climax: Fruity-floral green
Shift: Powdery floral green
Wind up: Earthy damp woodsy green


Projection Medium to high
Sillage: Highly diffusive
Longevity: 3-4hrs on skin, +2-3 days on clothes

Concentration: 30%
Composition: Vegan

Carrier: Canadian denatured grain alcohol, 87%.
Fragrant components: Essential oils/absolutes (7%), 1% of natural isolates.
Moisturizer/Fixative: Glucam P-20 (sugar-cane based), 5%

Sustainability: Refillable (screw cap/no atomizer)
Footprint: Carbon-neutral
Project: Madagascar reforestation and livelihood
Values: Cruelty-free, inclusive, advocate

For external use only: Do not swallow or take it internally.
Never apply perfumes to: Sensitive, broken, sunburnt or inflamed skin. Avoid contact with eyes or spray close to your eyes or directly onto your hair.
Sensitivity: Essential oils are powerful concentrates. May cause sensitivity and other effects.
Do no use if: You are pregnant, nursing, have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy or conditions affected by essential oils or fragrances, Not for elderly, children or pets.
Not intended to: Diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or depression. Read full disclaimer