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Olfactive family: Ambery Floral smoky
Hero ingredient: Nosy Be Ylang ylang Extra
Ambery, Floral-Fruity, Smoky

Style: Evocative, versatile
Personality match: Flamboyant, sensual
Mood effect: Player

Concentration: 30%
Composition: 99% botanical, 1% non vegan
Bottle type: Refillable French flacon, with atomizer


This sunny perfume is made with ylang ylang Extra, the Champagne of ylang extractions, from a small archipelago off Madagascar coast with twenty paradise islets with lush land and marine biodiversity. Its largest islet, Nosy Be (“Assada” in Arabic) is coined as the "Perfume Island" as the world’s largest ylang producer.


Behind the world's most successful perfumes such as Chanel No.5, ylang ylang is mocked as the "poor man's jasmine" and most don't even know its true smell.

It unfolds a creamsicle flash of kumquat, lemon Meyer, mandavasarotra, helichrysum, tagetes, turmeric, and pink peppercorn, nesting a luminous ylang arpeggio.

Surrounded with soapy, candy-like flickers of lisylang, tiaré, michelia and banana, the whimsical ylang heart gets swept by Indian Ocean ambergris, elemi, nagarmotha, seaweed, and onycha shell, adding a dusty aged marine smokiness. Rafting back to shore, it closes on an earthy spicy base of Bourbon vanilla, orris, coffee, spices, resins and balsams.

A realistic ylang soliflore magnifying the real Queen of perfumery to tell the authentic story of Nosy Be island at the crossroads of Africa, Arabia and Asia.


Flash: Creamsicle soapy green floral
Climax: Peppery custardy narcotic floral
Shift: Oceanic smoky ambery floral
Wind up: Spicy earthy dark Floral


Projection: High
3-4hrs on skin, +2 days on clothes

Concentration: 30%
Composition: Vegan

Carrier: Canadian denatured grain alcohol, 87%.
Fragrant components: Essential oils/absolutes (7%), 1% of natural isolates.
Moisturizer/Fixative: Glucam P-20 (sugar-cane based), 5%

Sustainability: Refillable (screw cap/no atomizer)
Footprint: Carbon-neutral
Project: Madagascar reforestation and livelihood
Values: Cruelty-free, inclusive, advocate

For external use only: Do not swallow or take it internally.
Never apply perfumes to: Sensitive, broken, sunburnt or inflamed skin. Avoid contact with eyes or spray close to your eyes or directly onto your hair.
Sensitivity: Essential oils are powerful concentrates. May cause sensitivity and other effects.
Do no use if: You are pregnant, nursing, have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy or conditions affected by essential oils or fragrances, Not for elderly, children or pets.
Not intended to: Diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or depression. Read full disclaimer