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$450.00 CAD

Please read our Terms before booking your session.


We will work with a questionnaire to determine the type of perfume that will suit to your personality and lifestyle. A perfume is a very intimate affair however you are welcome to include up to two guests during the entire process.


Non-refundable and part of the process. 

You can delay the Bespoke creation after the consultation but will not have to pay for another consultation unless you decided for another type of scent. Example: You originally wanted a floral perfume but now decided for a woody one. In this case, you will  need start to start over and pay for another consultation. 

The change of the carrier type (alcohol or oil), so, perfume oil instead of an eau de parfum, is not subject to an extra fee. 


Our spots are limited to very few clients per year. Each custom creation takes six months. Up to one year if the ingredients are extremely hard to source. So depending on our availability, you might have to wait up to another year for a second consultation.