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Olfactive family: Chypré Leather Green
Hero accord: Ravintsara Hyraceum
Nuances: Green, Mossy, Animalic leathery

Style: Powerful, vintage-y
Personality match: Alpha, type A
Mood effect: Upper

Concentration: 30%
Composition: 99% botanical, 1% non vegan
Bottle type: Refillable French flacon, with atomizer


This cheerful creation like the dancing lemur, is an olfactive portrait of the lemur, Madagascar’s most iconic animal, and today, the most endangered mammals on Earth.


Your journey in the Malagasy forests starts with a leafy citrusy trail of bergamot, galbanum, lemongrass, ravintsara, coniferous and eucalyptus, with some indolic backnotes.

The sylvan atmosphere gets rounded by green apple, banana, and peach, evoking the frugivore lemurs diet. Sweetened by floral hints of jasmine, neroli, vanilla and orris, the fruity-floral green shift makes sure to let us know that here females are the bosses, making them an even more rare mammal species.

Now, don't get fooled by our carefree new furry friends leaping and bouncing from trees to trees, wafting light citrusy greenery. It's a trap meant to drag you to their spellbinding protective kingdom surrounded by walls of bold hyraceum, natural ambrettolide, and oakmoss.

The green muskiness slowly settles down into a balmy woody smoky tobacco lingering, reminding of the local slash-and-burn deforestation practice, endangering the biodiversity habitats.

A vintage-y powerhouse yet elegant chypré to use fondly and a tale of sustainability to reflect upon as intensely on the environmental challenges faced by the Last Sanctuary of Lemurs, the world's oldest mammals.


Flash: Leafy grassy apple-y citrusy indolic green
Climax: Fruity floral green
Shift: Mossy leathery musky animalic green
Wind up: Animalic smoky woodsy green


Projection: Very high
 Highly diffusive
+5 hrs on skin, +3-4 days on clothes 

Concentration: 30%
Composition: Vegan

Carrier: Canadian denatured grain alcohol, 87%.
Fragrant components: Essential oils/absolutes (7%), 1% of natural isolates.
Moisturizer/Fixative: Glucam P-20 (sugar-cane based), 5%

Sustainability: Refillable (screw cap/no atomizer)
Footprint: Carbon-neutral
Project: Madagascar reforestation and livelihood
Values: Cruelty-free, inclusive, advocate

For external use only: Do not swallow or take it internally.
Never apply perfumes to: Sensitive, broken, sunburnt or inflamed skin. Avoid contact with eyes or spray close to your eyes or directly onto your hair.
Sensitivity: Essential oils are powerful concentrates. May cause sensitivity and other effects.
Do no use if: You are pregnant, nursing, have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy or conditions affected by essential oils or fragrances, Not for elderly, children or pets.
Not intended to: Diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or depression. Read full disclaimer